The punters gathered bleary eyed but bushy tailed in the wee hours of the morning for what promised to be a top day of divot digging on the golf course. An uneventful trip to the course saw us in the pro shop soon after, only to be informed by the staff that our booking had been inexplicably cancelled. A few tense moments ensued as our stand-in social secretary skillfully negotiated the delicately poised situation, but eventually the situation was resolved in our favour and the team saddled up.

The championship was fiercely contested, with some absolute pearlers mixed in with plenty of ball-finding and divots. Shot of the day goes to Taxi, for skimming the ball across the lake to land it safely on the far shore.

Pretty soon the beer express piloted by Ru and Larry was liberally dispersing libations. By that stage everyone had generated quite a thirst and the standard of golf declined even further as the cans were consumed.

Much fun was had by all, until the day took a sombre turn when an attempt was made to stop a golf cart in full flight with Yoda’s 1 wood,  promptly snapping it in two. A memorial service was held later that day. Not all was bad news for our Jedi master birthday boy though, as he won the Berowra Apex Annual Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Golfing, which is no doubt sitting in his pool room as we speak.

After a delicious burger at the club house we piled into the bus, the return trip decidedly rowdier than the outbound one. All in all a most excellent day out.